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Password Management

Gone are the days of sticky notes and password books. Practices such as those are now deemed to be irresponsible and are often in breach of data protection laws and regulations.

Here at Your Computer Department we have researched the market and established a combination of security products and services that can be tailored to your exact needs - removing the need for insecure storage of sensitive information.

The system features 2-factor authentication which is absolutely vital for keeping your information secret. This means that, not only do you need a strong password, but you also need to have a certain device in your possession. Our choice of devices is either a smart phone app or a USB key fob device. Without access to one of these uniquely coded devices, a hacker will not be able to get to your data - even if they know your password.

ESET Antivirus Software

Your Computer Department is an authorised reseller of ESET software. ESET continues to win many awards for outstanding performance speeds and detection rates. Plus, where many other antivirus products consistently produce false claims of virus infection, ESET also win many awards for their low false-positive results.

Your Computer Department has been a reseller for ESET antivirus for many years now. This is simply because the product is an excellent market leader backed by a first class UK based support team.

Office 365 Email Migration

The simple-to-use, fast and secure way of making your business run seamlessly.

These subscription-based packages are packed full of features to make your working day easier while lowering your IT costs.

Microsoft Office 365 Business is the core suite of features that businesses across the globe are talking about. All of the Microsoft Exchange features including mailbox delegation are included. Just as you would expect emails to arrive, everyone also receives live updates to their calendars - direct to their mobile or tablet. This feature alone is one of the huge advantages of the system and is essential for people who spend time away from their desk. For example, a company with on-site engineers can now react to changing circumstances and easily re-arrange appointments for their engineers. Simply alter the calendar entry and the engineer's phone will display the change within seconds.

IT Support Nottingham and Derby

Your Computer Department provides IT support and solutions accredited by CompTIA. From simple issues that are solved within seconds, through to those issues that push technical experience to the max, we're here to provide your business with the backup and expertise necessary to keep you running efficiently and effectively.

Managing your own IT support is tempting for business start-ups and it does save on cost. However, for those businesses that have out-grown their ability to provide support internally, the next step is to find extra resources.

The majority of small businesses do not have their own IT support department - and there is no shame in this. Although slightly larger businesses sometimes employ their own IT staff, ironically they often find they have a skills shortage. This is because their IT staff don't have exposure to enough variety in their roles. They know enough to support the current systems that the business has implemented but they have little exposure to alternative methods and new technologies. This usually results in resistance and negative attitudes towards new systems and therefore a lack of progression that becomes limiting to those that they support.

Google Adwords Campaign Management

There are two main methods of advertising on the internet.

The first method is to develop your web site skillfully, obtain some good quality backlinks and then wait for Google to realise how good your web site is. This is called natural search optimisation. After a while, your rankings will improve and hopefully you'll reach the top slot, or at least the first page for one or two of your main key phrases. This can take some time depending on your industry and who you are targeting and may need continual development to keep your site at the top. However, being ranked at the top for every search phrase related to your industry is un-realistic as optimising your site for one key phrase will counteract optimisation for other phrases.

Client support for web designers

Are you a web designer? Then you'll enjoy designing websites, right?
Not so keen on customers with tricky questions about email setups or PC niggles, though?

So, you've designed a web site for your customer - It's all been signed off & everybody's happy. You go live and then discover that your customer is struggling with the setup of the email associated with their domain. This is frustrating - you know that good after-sales service is key and you can't let your client down but it's not a fault with the service you're providing. How long do you spend sorting out what are clearly issues with their own IT systems?

Client Feedback

"Always helpful and explains in none complicated way! Massive 10!"

Philip Watts Design

"Very quick, helpful (especially for those IT illiterates like me!), well priced."

Veracity Financial Planning

"As always, very helpful and prompt."

B Towning

"You’ve been great."


"YCD service excellent as usual."

B Towning

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