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Many companies are finding that their emails go astray.
The reasoning might be a suprise to them!

Are your emails finding their way into your clients' spam filters? More and more companies are finding this a problem and are starting to wonder why spam filters are getting it so wrong.

In fact, it is often the case that this symptom is due to the way the company conducts itself, the actions of its employees and also the actions of its contacts.

A single email will usually be inspected by several spam filters before it reaches its destination. If any one of these filters raises a question mark about the email then this specific email will usually end up being filtered out as spam and a black mark may be placed against your mail server and/or your entire email domain name.

Unfortunately, with so much spam on the internet these days, the people who control the spam filters have no time for marginal issues and will not usually listen to anyone who tries to reason with them. Instead, we must understand them and understand how they make their decisions so that we can avoid the pitfalls.

Abuse reports

If you send an email to somebody and they hit a 'report as spam' button in their email software then you will often be reported as a possible spammer. If you get a lot of these then this will lever the spam filters to be less tolerant of your emails and you'll be more likely to end up in a spam filter in future.

However, if you send lots of emails, it might be expected that a few of the recipients might click the spam button. Some of these will be by mistake, some will be mis-guided and a few might be genuinly annoyed with you. However, the spam systems have ways of detecting roughly how many emails that you send land in mailboxes. They can calculate these spam reports as a ratio against the number of emails that have been received. So, if you send a million geniune emails and get reported 100 times then it's not all that bad. However, only send 200 emails and get 100 reports of spam and you'll be ringing alarm bells.

Many companies now operate very friendly unsubscribe systems to encourage people to unsubscribe if they are not happy to receive your emails. They do this in the hope that you'll unsubscribe instead of hitting the 'spam' button as an unsubscribe does them no harm.

The way that companies build their email database is also important. If the contact has specifically opted-in to the mailing list then they are far less likely to hit the spam button when they receive an email from you. However, if you simply build a list of email addresses from all kinds of sources and start emailing them then you have to expect that many of will start hitting that spam button and harming your good reputation.

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