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So, Microsoft Office 365 - what's the fuss about?

Microsoft Office 365 gives you full email, contacts & calendar synchronisation across all your PCs laptops and mobile devices.

Not only that, but it offers mailbox delegation which allows staff to share access to mail, contacts & calendars. Imagine the scenario - Joe Bloggs is an engineer out on site doing a job when another call comes in to the office. Fred takes the call and without needing to call Joe, he can see that Joe has a slot in his diary. He tells the caller that Joe will be with them within the hour, adds the job to Joe's calendar, and even sets a popup reminder for Joe. Joe finishes his job, checks his diary and can immediately see the next job he needs to go to. Its the seamless technology like this that has boosted the popularity of Microsoft Office 365 because all of this happened without the requirement for an expensive file server in the office.

It doesn't stop there though - Your staff will hardly notice anything has changed apart from new features that are available to them. They'll still get to use their familiar Microsoft Outlook software so there's no learning curve to cope with.

They'll get to take advantage of many new exciting features though - like Skype for Business. This is the platform that you may already be familiar with - only better! It works great as a business tool. It offers instant messaging allowing your staff to ask a quick question of their colleagues - even if they're 100 miles away and on the phone! It also allows screen sharing, file transfer and video conferencing.

Another great feature of Office 365 is Sharepoint. This allows your business to store documents securely in the cloud to make them available to staff wherever they have an internet connection. Staff can have their own personal folders and the company can share folders, too. Again, this further reduces the requirement for an in-house file server.

Some new features will be sure to blow your mind. For instance, you can even have multiple users working on the same Excel spreadsheet at the same time - and each person will see what the other is doing! If a cell is being edited, then other users will see a coloured border on that cell - a different colour for each user which means that Excel spreadsheets really are truly multi-user.

No need to worry about losing your existing data, either. At Your Computer Department, we are data migration experts and we will have your familiar data structured efficiently inside an Office 365 system in no time at all.

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