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Microsoft are keen that every PC becomes upgraded to Windows 10. They have altered the status by upgrading this process to an automatic update. This means that, unless you're concentrating, you'll stand a good chance of accidentally upgrading to Windows 10!

We've been critical of the Windows 10 upgrade process for a while now as it's been less than clear in certain key elements of licensing.

However, the product itself does appear to be pretty stable. We've encouraged most of our clients not to upgrade but for those who have still gone ahead, we've noticed one or two issues to make a note of.

1. Reversal process - Having upgraded to Windows 10, there is a facility to reverse the process if you're not happy with the new OS. However, it seems that this does not always work as planned leaving programs missing and other minor issues.

2. We encountered a web site that a client uses regularly that only works in Internet Explorer. Since this program is no longer available (replaced by Microsoft Edge), the PC is currently unable to operate that function.

If you plan to go ahead with the upgrade, then you may need support. Therefore costs will be involved and it will not be as FREE as Microsoft suggest.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to block the update, we have a handy registry fix that will prevent Windows Update from pushing it and will remove the Windows 10 upgrade icon from the task bar.

For those who are comfortable with registry entries, here's what you need to add. Copy and paste the following code to Notepad and save as a '.reg' file. Run the file as administrator to reconfigure your PC.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


If you would like us to disable Windows 10 upgrades for you then please get in touch (support costs apply).


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