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The first IT support company in the East Midlands to gain the mark.

AccredIT Certified IT Support CompanyWe are proud to say that Your Computer Department was the first IT Support company in the East Midlands to demonstrate the outstanding attributes to both running a business and planning for future success that were required to hold the recently introduced Accredit UK standard.

Until recently, there has been little to distinguish a reputable IT company from a bad one. After all, even a bad IT company can have a web site that creates a good first impression.

So, how are customers to know which companies are the real deal? Well, it's always been a bit of a lucky dip when it comes to IT support companies since the industry has been pretty much unregulated until the launch of a recent IT services benchmark standard.

Accredited IT Solutions for Business

We were approached by Accredit UK with a view to us applying for the recently introduced benchmark standard that they had researched, devised and originally launched in the West Midlands. This standard is different from the usual qualifications attached to software and hardware vendors' products. Instead, this system puts a focus on all aspects of the business including staffing, contractors, supplier agreements and general accounting. Following this, our assessor delved deep into the IT management aspects of the business to establish whether or not the business was handling clients' support, projects and other IT related activities in a responsible and efficient manner.

After an initial investigation Your Computer Department was found to be fairly close to the mark already. With a only a few improvements here and there Your Computer Department was promptly deemed worthy and was awarded the prestigious certification. We are delighted that Your Computer Department is ahead of the competition by becoming the first business in the East Midlands to have been awarded this prestigious certification.

This prestigious accreditation was re-assessed in 2015 where we, once again, passed with flying colours. If you are looking for quality IT support services then you should insist on a company that can prove their skills. Like many other IT support companies, we have a long list of happy customers but being able to convince assessors who know what they're looking for is another thing entirely.

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