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Windows 10 Pro

In much the same way as Windows 7 is retiring in January, the same is happening for many Windows-based Servers. In fact, the week before Windows 7 retires, Microsoft is quietly waving goodbye to Windows Server 2008.

So, if you're running a network with a Windows Server 2008 operating system then it won't be long before it becomes unprotected and a target for the hacking community.

You do have options though. Yes, you'll need to replace your server, but the choice of what to replace it with is wider now than it was when you bought Windows Server 2008. You can replace your server with Windows Server 2019 and the cost is likely to be similar to that of your original server (ask us for more detail on that one) but an alternative that you may wish to consider is the newest generation of Network Attached Storage devices (NAS for short). We've crafted a solution for the average small business and we call it the YCD Shoebox.

However, the truth is that there is so much you can do with this type of device that it isn't really a defined product as much as it is a toolbox. From simple file storage, to Active Directory domain control, and from a music and media server to a CCTV system, this product has it all.

From a pricing perspective, there are huge savings to be made. The compromises are few, too. You get built-in abilities to do many of the things that a Windows server can't do on its own. There are built-in programs to help with CCTV, automated off-site backups, Dropbox-style remote file access, and much much more.

So, don't just assume you need a new Windows Server. Ask us about how a YCD Shoebox could help you improve productivity in your business and save money at the same time.

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