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Windows 10 Pro

The clock is ticking as we head towards the end of life for Windows 7.

So long, Windows 7 - You've been a great operating system. In fact, many (if not most!) Windows 7 users would be more than happy to keep you! However, we know that the scum-of-the-earth hackers out there are planning their attacks for when Microsoft refuse to fix you. We know you must go, and we're sad.

However, we're excited, too! We know that Windows 10 brings us many surprises and promises to keep us safe for many years to come. If nothing else, we know that it will be able to encrypt our computer's hard disk - keeping our data much safer if our computers are stolen. It's a huge relief to know that we will have the latest and greatest - and that Microsoft will keep it this way via constant security patches and feature upgrades.

Some of our friends are confused though. They're not really sure whether they have Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. It's more common that you'd think, too! Even some fairly confident IT-geek types often get it wrong. So, if you're not 100% sure, then just give us a call and we'll help you find out. It will take seconds to give you that peace of mind so that you know where you stand.

The deadline is January 20th 2020. For those who feel that time flies, you may be surprised to know that, as we type this, there are less than 7 months to go. Microsoft recommends that owners of Windows 7 PCs should source a new Windows 10 PC. If you feel that this is not feasible, then you have two main alternatives. The first alternative is to source a refurbished (used) Windows 10 PC - we have a small number of these PCs available in stock at present. The second alternative is to purchase the Windows 10 software and have us perform a controlled upgrade for you. The upgrade process involves the purchase of a new licence and your PC will need a trip to our workshop so that we can back it up and ensure the upgrade goes to plan.

WARNING: Don't leave this too late. If you are running a Windows 7 PC after January 20th, then it could be said that you are not doing your best to ensure that you remain up to date with security patches - a requirement of your GDPR responsibilities.

Time is running out - We're expecting to have a rush towards the end of this year so if you're planning to leave this until after Christmas, then you'll most likely miss the deadline. Talk to us about replacing your Windows 7 PC TODAY!

Just give us a call us on 0115 8240825 for more information.


Article by: Eddie Palmer
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